Diesel Specialists Paignton

If you are looking for specialist diesel engineers to look after your vehicle, then get in touch for comprehensive garage services. As well as providing mechanical repairs and diagnostics for all makes and models of diesel and petrol cars, we offer expert servicing and repairs for diesel injectors, fuel pumps, particulate filters and diesel engine repairs. To enquire about our services or book your vehicle in, please contact us.

Diesel Injectors

Faulty diesel injectors will inhibit your vehicle’s performance. If your car is hard to start, misfiring, using more fuel than usual or spitting out dirty emissions then you may need your fuel injectors overhauled or replaced.

We can repair or replace diesel injectors on all makes and models including 4x4s and light commercial vehicles. Call for a free quote.

Diesel Particulate Filters

Diesel particulate filters can become compromised by various issues such as filter blockages or faulty sensors. If the DPF is faulty it will trigger a fault code with the ECU causing the vehicle to go into limp mode. The reason the car goes into limp mode is to protect the engine from potential damage. If your DPF instrument light has illuminated on the dash, then we can provide:

Diesel Engine Repairs

Diesel engines are different to petrol counterparts. We can provide specialist diagnostics and repairs to diesel engines including turbos, pumps, glow plugs and bearings. We only use quality replacement parts to ensure your diesel engine functions as it should.

Contact Raf J Motors Ltd

Contact Avon Motors if you need advice or would like to book your diesel vehicle in for repairs. As diesel specialists with over 35 years of experience, you can trust that your vehicle is in safe hands. So, get in touch for a free quote or to book your vehicle in for a service.

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